Will a firmware patch address bugs?

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Will a firmware patch address bugs?

Has anyone received any word from Novation that they will be addressing the MIDI sync problems and no MIDI clock out issue in a firmware update? I have emailed tech support, but not received an answer.


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Hello ostraka,

I've requested a response from our team re: your questions - they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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Would be interested in any updates re this topic. For me the biggest problem of the BS 2.

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+1 midi clock out would be cool. I have gotten a microkorg to tempo sync with the bass station II, but this was with Pro Tools as a master sending midi clock through usb to bass station II then hooked up midi out on the bass station to the microkorg's midi in, and they were all synced to pro tools midi clock. Am i missing something, is is not supposed to work like that, but we want it to? im pretty sure it was synced because i couldnt change the temp (110) on the microkorg while in record or play mode, same for bass station II, and they were both apreggiating in sync to the drum track on pro tools. the bass station was directly controlling the microkorg, including patch changes, switching on and off the arp, and i think mod wheel movements but i cant remember . sorry if i dont know what im talking about but i think this is the same thing? just thought i would add a +1 for the update, but got sidetracked.

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Interesting... I haven't tried clock out when receiving external clock via USB. That's something to look at. Also, what might be happening is that your micro Korg could be clocking to the note on/off from the BSII arp/seq. However if it keeps going when the BSII isn't playing then it's definitely passing the clock through.

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PLEASE RESPOND TO US ABOUT THIS NOVATION! Love the sound and functionality of my BSII...but it was heartbreaking to find out I can't sync it up with my Volca Beats in any way without a dumb computer. The other deal killer is not having a note priority option. I need to be able to play the lowest note being the only note triggering the BSII while through midi it is playing a chord on my other synths. We also need to be able to play the ARPS/SEQUENCER externally theough MIDI. I mean come on novation, you gave us a product that decided to hit a certain price point by not adding CV and then gave us no means to sync it through MIDI. It sucks but I might have to return this product due to it not being able to communicate with other gear and NO WORD that an update is coming to fix these issues...

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Hellooooo. Still waiting.. 

A firmware update from an ingenious/innovative thinker/programmer. 

and it would make this thing fucking immortal. 

So, so, so, SOOOOOOOOOO, many things you could do just with rewriting the software.

featuring some inventive routing, re-routing /controls for key syncing[discussed in these forums]

(many, many many many more)

so much UNTAPPED.

Think about the way a bit of smart architecture for the minibrute/microbrute

manages to open up a potentially VERY LIMITED synth.

Or how radically optimized the workflow is on an MPC with the JJos installed.

[it's a sampler. but comparison is valid.

consider the original AKAI os against the lightning-fast operation / imaginative repurposing of hardware

by one very smart programmer, and it throws into sharp relief what can be done in a mere "firmware update"]


So, in the words of Ghengis Khan:

"Give me your big shit."



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Novation support is one of the worst in the business.  Well i meant to say novation/focusrite, since they are lopped into one.  If anyone has emailed or tried to call they know what I'm talking about.