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Zero SL MK3 ?

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Zero SL MK3 ?

Hello Novation Team !!

I'm definitely addicted to the Automap controllers since I can't find a more convenient way to pilot the vst world anywhere else.

Of course, working in Ableton Live is not perfect because the Zero SL is not a dedicated controller.

I was wondering : is there any chance to see a new Zero SL hardware this year ??

With better build quality (less plastic) and even more functionalities ?

It would be such a positive step forward...


Anyway, thanks for all the technologies you created. Keep it up.

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Hello HFZmusic,

I'm afraid I have no information for you on this right now, but keep an eye out on our forum/Facebook page for any news or announcements. :)


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I agree, we also need to get rid of the pads, bring back the mixer LCD panel AND ADD MORE ROWS OF MACRO ENCODER BANKS, with bigger knobs and better quality encoders!!! ;)