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25 SL MKII: Encoder Speed Issue

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25 SL MKII: Encoder Speed Issue


I just bought a 25 SL MKII. I'm having issues with the speed of the encoders (the 8 LED ones + the speed dial). They take about 3 full turns to register one full turn on my PC, which is way too slow to be practical to me. I'm using it with FL Studio and the NI Komplete VSTs (the speed is the same in my DAW as well as in the standalone VSTs). I can't find any settings in the menus to change this parameter. Do they exist?

It may be worth noting that I am not using Automap, because I can't get it to work in FL. I'm using the non-automap FL Studio template instead.

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I had that problem too. It seems it's the way of reacting of any infinite knobs...I guess the problem in a case of defining as a 0-127 "normal" knob should be the end/start point entry.

But the leds made me also thought it was already properly integrated...

Into the PC editor there's some rel1 / rel2/ Apot parameter on parameters, maybe that should help ? (I don't know what these parameters are doing...)

Any clue about that ?




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I am experiencing the same problem - the speed dial is too slow! Did you find a way to change its sensitivity?