Feature request: adding multi channel out audio

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Feature request: adding multi channel out audio

I was jamming today with Launchapp and had great fun. If it would have audio outs via an audio interface I would use it for sure in a live situation. Please consider adding this feature.

My regards Nigel 

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Hi NigelDubois, 

I will make sure to let our developers know about your request. 

Best regards, 

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I hope this is on the list of future updates.  Adding multiple audio channels would make the Launchpad so much more powerful.  I'm ready to give you guys my money for an IAP!

I know that many think of the Launchpad mainly as a performance tool.  But many of us use it as a *production* tool by triggering loops to sketch out an arrangement.  The current record function only captures a stereo master out.  *Very* limited for production work. 

I tried to develop a similar workflow in Beathawk and nearly got there.  Beathawk can export separate audio stems per channel. However, BH's timestretching is not as good as the Launchpad apps.

Come on Novation!  :-)