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Automap 4.8 Launchpad S Reaper DAW

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Automap 4.8 Launchpad S Reaper DAW

Okay I am new to this whole thing, my setup is as follows, Launchpad S Reaper DAW and Automap 4.9. I am new to midi mapping but have found automap very useful... but here is my question.


Using the Automap function I can create a button setup (using the step mode) that allows for increasing the volume on a channel...

but I am having trouble creating the same setup that allows for decreasing the volume on the same channel.


I hope that was understandable but if not look at it like this a remote for your tv have a volume up and a volume down. I wanted

to have this function because mixer mode isn't working out of the box. So I was mapping to build a mixer page with the option of

adding another page to trigger audio.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated