automap 4.9 server doesn't match my hardware

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automap 4.9 server doesn't match my hardware

Can't seem to figure this one out.

I downloaded the latest automap 4.9 as I believed,  from what I had seen and read online that it now incorporated the ability to see graphically,, and map controls specifically for a particular hardware device.

I have a remote 49 sl compact and use it with pro tools 7.4,  and reason 4 on a windows xp system. (Out of date , I know) but it all works and does what I want.

I wanted to map the drum pads on the remote sl compact and thought the latest version of automap would 

allow me to do this.    I was expecting to see the graphical layout of the sl compact.

Also the gui also now will not 'stay on top' and no longer has the transparency options.

If anyone else has any idea about these observations, or possibly what I am doing wrong.......



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Hi Muschinist,

What is being described sounds like the "Edit Mapping" option within the "Mixer/Plug-in Mappings" section of Automap. From here, you should be able to assign parameters to the controls on the device. However, we cannot guarantee the behavior since the operating is not officially supported with Automap.

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support

Howard Worf
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I can't get Automap to switch focus to either HALion SE or Groove Agent 4 SE. GA4 is shown in the VST3 list, but HALion is nowhere to be seen. Is there any way of getting Automap to switch focus other than automatically, and if so, how? GA4 will no longer load saved maps.

The other thing is Akai's MPC Essentials - eveything is cocke-eyed. The controller will only trigger the MPC track, whereas before I used to use it with Groove Agent and Addcitive Drums, and even the MPC plugin doesn't respond to any number of pads in a way related to the loaded kit, but not the same pads with each kit.


Some or all of this may be down to Automap, I just don't know which problems relate to which bit of software. Makes me pine for the days when there were loads of real boxes with real wires . . .