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Automap support for Launchpad Mini

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Automap support for Launchpad Mini

Hi all,


I purchased a Launchpad mini recently and found out that there is no Automap support for it although the other Launchpads are supported.

I'm mainly a Reason user and as it stands at the moment I cannot even use my mini as a generic keyboard controller(as it's pads are set to silly midi notes and it just doesn't make sense.

This would be the same for other DAWS appart from Live/FL and Bitwig.


I've spoken to support and if there is enough interest in having Automap on the Launchpad Mini they will consider adding it. So please post below if you want Automap for the mini.






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There's no user page for the launchpad mini then?

If it's sending out midi notes then you could of course use a third party utility to transfer those into notes of your choice, or even midi CC messages to control variables in your DAW/Plugins.

There is Bone Midi Translator -  - With that you set your midi out to go into Bome translator and then set reaper up to receive the midi from Bome.. So it passes through and Reason is only aware of the newly affected values... And it's not laggy or anything.

That gives you a huge amount of options and you can swap modes on the fly to decide what your Launchpad controls.  Trouble is it costs, i'm sure there's other options out there if you're interested in pursueing it further though.

I'm not a Reason user, but you may find it has some kind of Midi translator that will convert the messages (midi note vals) into something you prefer also.  I know Logic does.

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+1 Automap support for Launchpad Mini

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I've been a Launhpad user for ages, and Automap is truly the best thing since sliced bread. I've been wanting a pairs of grid controllers for months now,  I keep putting off the decision to have to either sacrifice Automap with the mini or the real-estate with the Launchpad S.  I'm curious why this is an issue, is the mini actually that different internally from the S?  Somebody from Novatin please chime in.  Thanks!

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Just got the launchpad mini mkII and my local dealer told me there are no differences between launchpad and launchpad mini... come on, should this really be selling point for the bigger launchpad?

Would be really great if this could be updated! the moment I'm trying something with midiPipe, will see ehat comes out... does anyone have some expirience with that? would appriciate any tips or tricks ;-)