LaunchPad Mini andAutoPad update and questions

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LaunchPad Mini andAutoPad update and questions

Finally got my LaunchPad Mini to control a VST.  However, every VST's knobs and sliders are super hard to nail down.  At first they all go from max to min only.  Then I was able to get it to move in increments, but not smooth and not with the same resolution as what I see in Ableton.  I'm loading the right automaps for the VSTs.  I've edited the ranges manually in hopes to remedy it, and I'm probably not understanding how to handle the range correctly, but the docs indicate I shouldn't even have to do this.


Automap 4.9

LaunchPad Mini


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I don't know if Automap works with the Mini does it??

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Hi Dea,

The Launchpad Mini can be manually mapped to do specific functions, as it a MIDI device. However, the Launchpad Mini is not intended to work with Automap. As to the documentation stating "you shouldn't have to do this", where was this located?

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support