BSII on Masterkeyboard + using an editor

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BSII on Masterkeyboard + using an editor



I own a Bass Station II and a Yamaha Motif XF6.

The Motif XF is connected to a Windows Computer via USB.

It is fully compatible to my DAW Presonus Studio 3 Pro.


I already connected the BSII to the Motif XF via a MIDI cable.

(And I connected an aux cable from the BS2 line output to the A/D input of the Motif XF)

After a few tries I was able to play on the Motif XF and to hear the BS2.


I also made some test recordings, and both the Motif XF sounds and the BS2 sounds were recorded on the PC.

(Unfortunatelly I only have the possibility to record via Toslink on my soundcard - I was told that was bad because it's too silent.)


Anyway, as far as I understood and read there are already several editors available for the BS2.

(VST ones and stand-alone ones.)

And these seem to be compatible to Presonus Studio One as well.


My question:

Can I control the BS2 with these editors AND play on my Motif XF (using it as Masterkeyboard)?

Probably I will also need to connected the BS2 via USB to my PC.

But instead of sitting in front of my BS2, I would prefer doing everything on the PC by using an editor,

and to play on the Motif XF.


Thank you for any help.

Last seen: 2 years 11 months ago
Joined: 10/15/2015 - 08:34



During my tests I have noticed  that it is not really required that the BS2 is connected to my Masterkeyboard (Motif XF).

When both keyboards are connected independently with a PC (via USB), I am able to control the BS2 by playing the keys on the Motif XF.

So I choose input Motif XF Keyboard und Output Bass Station II Synth.


I tried out the Demo version of the BS2 editor (

It could not accept the BS2 when it was used by my DAW Presonus Studio One.

Only when I quit the DAW, I was able to play on the Motif XF and to control the BS2.


Can you tell me if this works on the Full version of the BS2 editor?

Since there is a VST version, I expect both Studio One and the BS2 editor can access the BS2 at the same time.


Thanks for any help!