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Playing/Creating chords?

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Playing/Creating chords?


Some of the patches (especially category "keys") sound very interesting to me, to use them as pads.

I was thinking about how to play them as chords in a fast and simple way.

If I understood correctly, the BS2 is a monophonic synth.

So the audio signal (coming from the line out) is monophonic, 

but it seems also the Polyphony of the synth is 1 = mono(?)

 My idea was to record in a DAW in a track three single tones, (e.g. C E G - 1 second space between them) 

and then to create three audio tracks with the single tones.

After that moving notes E and G to measure 001.01.0000 and playing the WAV files.

It works but seems a bit unprofessional.


Is there an alternative solution?


Best regards

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One Alternative is in your DAW to use an effect which would generate the additional pitches for you, (Like a pitch shifting effect set to 0, +4, +7 etc. )  how good that would be will very much depend on your sound, and of course quality of the plugin you're using - but it may help when in the planning stages of creating the chords.  You can set this up yourself, or there's maybe plugins out there already capable of doing such tasks.  Pitchproof is free here -  But i think it only adds a single additional note.

The other alternative, of course is if you just record 3 seperate tracks and play C on the first take, E on the second, G on the third (For example), instead of playing them a second apart as you would know they were in time with one another (both start and finish) but you would need to keep track of your chord progressions if recording more than a few bars. :)

One other suggestion would be to use a soft synth to create the chords that you want, have it sounding musically correct, and then take those midi notes you created with the soft synth and split them onto seperate tracks (i.e. record CEG but split C,E,G) and play back one at a time (recording the audio) via the BS2 into 3 seperate tracks.   In Logic for example you can transform a 'chorded' region into single notes by using the 'split by voice' function - most DAW's have something simlar possibly?


Last seen: 2 years 22 hours ago
Joined: 10/15/2015 - 08:34

Thanks for you answer.

 Regarding option 1 I'm not so sure, if this might be good.

Pitching can be ok, but sometimes you lose some kind of quality or character of the sound.


I think option 3 is be the best one, in my opinion.

So if I understood correctly, I create a MIDI track, play a MIDI chord in my DAW (by using any soft voice - just to have the notes), 

split it to 3 MIDI tracks and then record them into 1 audio track - using the BS2.

(Quantized of course.)

Then I would simply "overdub" the recorded sound.

(Basically the same as putting three wav files into 1)


I like this idea!

Thank you!

I hope Studio One can split MIDI notes.


Yes, it can! Just tried it.


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Joined: 03/26/2013 - 13:22

Yeah that would be my prefered option, as i would like to hear what it would sound like before having to split down into 3 audio tracks, or the workflow would kill me!! :)

Another cool trick is that once you have the 3 audio parts that make up your chord sound you can pan them in different areas of the stereo field and it really brings the sound out if you're trying to create pads etc.

Have fun!

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Im using RC-505 looper so I don't have to mess around too much with DAW.