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Problem with presets

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Problem with presets

Hi, i'm using bass station II, in a DAW(Reaper) as VSTI.

I put a midi file, exported from Guitar Pro (I'm nooby) and the problem appears when I put a preset in Bass Station and then 
I press play, automatically the preset change to another preset, that happens everytime.

If I press play and while the song it's playing I change the preset, I can hear the preset that I want, but
if I stop and press play again,it changes.

I have been searching for an answer to this but I don't find anything.
If someone can help me, I would be grateful.


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The midi file is sending a program change message, if it's a midi export it could be set to general midi and is trying to find an instrument in the range of that instrument part.  If you were using an old midi keyboard for example it would load up a bass patch, or guitar patch automatically.

Do you have any options when exporting from guitar pro to exclude general midi options, or bank/patch changes from the midi file?

If not, not a big issue as you can just delete it yourself from the midi data in ableton.