Velocity when using BS2 as MIDI controller

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Velocity when using BS2 as MIDI controller


I realized when I use the BS2 as a MIDI controller in my DAW (Studio One),

it seems the velocity is always pretty low.

This means when I play a bit and check virtual instruments, 

I always need to turn up the volume of the laptop or the virtual instrument.

(Not a big deal, but sometimes a bit annoying.)


The Velocity of the Amp Env is 0, which means the loudness is always the same.

(According to the manual)

When I do some MIDI records, I always need to change the velocity afterwards.


Is there some trick (maybe some kind of MIDI filter) which ignores the incoming velocity value?


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Most DAW's have a midi transformer, or similar that allows you to artificially raise the velocity when playing the notes in.  I see that Studio One has a Velocity Sensitivity (%) on the track inspector - so maybe you just need to raise that and it will have the desired effect?

The Amp envelop will only affect the sounds coming directly from the BS2 by the way, so don't let that confuse you, midi data is seperate from that.