Why does BS II Librarian destroy my Patches?

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Why does BS II Librarian destroy my Patches?

Hey Novation. I am realy xxxxxup about this software. Did any one did even test this???

There is no help in the software. The "online help" button leads you to the novation page with nonsense.

When i whant to rename a patch on my BS2 via the tool, it replaces the renamed patch on the BS2 with a initial patch.

Are you realy serious? Who did programm this?

If i do export export the sounds from the BS2 to a sysex, and whant to load them again, i get FACTORY PRESETS.

Man i am so xxxxxxxx up right now, im so xxxxxx mad.


I thought this software should backup my sounds, and not destroy it.

What is going on here?????????

Did i mention already that im xxxxxxup right now????

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Hi lfo2k,

Sorry to hear about the issues occuring when using the Bass Station Librarian, but we are more than happy to help. What is being described sounds unusual, but we were unable to replicate the issue being described on our end. So we may investigate further, please contact us through the following link:


Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support