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Ableton live 9.1 x64 crashs

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Ableton live 9.1 x64 crashs

hello  all


i bought the zero sl mk2 which includes a bass station.I use ableton live 9.1x64 on a 64bit win 7 system and every time i open the bass station vst(i can load the vst) ableton crashs.I tried the same configuration on my laptop and it works well.Also tried the new beta driver 2.04b, i re-installed the station and my ableton (-.-"), still the same problem.I m also in contact with the support but i guess they cant solve the problem cause it seems like an untypical error.Thats why i ask here if anyone else had such a problem?I bet its simple to fix it but i dont get it -.-"


sry for the bad english, im from germany :P

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Are you sure you only have the 64-bit VST in the 64-bit directory ?

When I install my Ultranova drivers it wants to instlal the 32-bit VST in the 64-bit directory, and the 64-bit VST in the 32-bit directory. This makes the plugin crash in 64-bit Ableon Live on my Windows 7 64 bit.