Bass Station (keyboard version) not saving memory presets

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Bass Station (keyboard version) not saving memory presets

I just got an original Bass Station keyboard (hardware version) and it does not save memory presets and I have to manually set the MIDI transmit and recieve - 'TX' and 'RX' upon each Power Up in order to use the internal keyboard.

I found info online about how to Re-Initialize the keyboard - sending the stock presets to the synth via MIDI. I did this using the MIDI files available to download and SYSEX Librarian.

Once the presets are loaded, they all work but when I turn the synth off and on again, they are gone.

Am I missing something on how to save all the memories I load into it, as well as the MIDI TX RX settings? Am I missing something or is there a problem with the synth.

The previous owner said it does not save presets, but I'm not sure if that is the case or he did not know how to save them properly.


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It was quite a while ago when i had my original BS, but from memory i'm sure you have to set the TX and RX options if you want different midi channels each time, mine used to go through a translator so never had to mess about with it, all my routing would be done externally through that.

As for the patches saving, i think to test - you're best to try making a basic patch, disable write protect (Enable write) and using the compare button pick a slot to save it into, press the write button and wait for it to stop flashing.  Then flip back into write protect mode.

Turn synth off then back on and see if you can recall that individual patch again - if you can't, then there must be a problem with the memory, as i don't think they rely on a battery for backup, otherwise it could've been that.

If it does fail then take note whether the compare button allows you to audition existing sounds, and whether the write led flashes when you write, this may help you diagnose the issue with the help of google... maybe. :-/

Sorry i can't be of any more help.

Last seen: 3 years 1 month ago
Joined: 03/04/2015 - 06:26

I tried to Compare a preset and it wouldn't work. When in Write mode (octave switches disabled) I tweaked a preset I loaded via MIDI and pressed Compare and then nothing happens - no audio. I pressed the Compare again and then back to the tweaked sound.

Saving a preset does work. I'll tweak a preset, save it, put Write Protect ON and go to another preset and then back and the saved preset is still there.

I did all this and then put write protect ON again, turned the synth Off and On and then same issue all over again; no audio (have to reset the Midi TX and RX) and then after that, no auido is produced on presets 1-7. Manual works.

I opened up the synth and see there is no internal battery, so I'm not sure how memory is stored.