Forum Suggestions - What do YOU want from this place?

As the Novation community has developed over the years, it has naturally found the bulk of it's voice on Social Media. To ensure we can be there to discuss and support you as best we can, we’ve decided to close the forum.

The conversation isn’t over, though. We’re waiting for you; come say hi.

Also, be sure to check out some of our friends.

As ever, thank you for your support.

Thanks for reading, The Novation Team

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Forum Suggestions - What do YOU want from this place?

Hello Novationers,

It's with some excitement that I come to you to say we'll be making a few changes to how the forum operates in order to prepare it for additional integration with our main site and social media. 
These changes will roll out in phases, and cover everything from the subforums to the user-library - and hopefully much more!

I'll update you on specifics when and where I can, but for now I want to gather your feelings and ideas on how we could make this forum a better place for YOU.

What do you want to see changed?  What do you think is missing?  What would you want to see regularly discussed?
Don't be shy with your suggestions - any idea is a good idea (...ish) !

I'll do my best to be as active as possible on this thread so feel free to bounce ideas off me and the rest of the userbase.

I'm looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions!


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In terms of the forum - To me it seems that the large number of posts on here are people who have problems, they normally dissapear once that issue is solved - which is understandable.  However, if you're driving the social network/customer perception side of things, i think you need to be more pro-active in creating discussions for people that are producing their own music to create more of a buzz around your products.  Word of mouth is very powerful of course.

Maybe have one of your engineers/team run a video once a month showing mixing/programming tips on hardware that you produce and build discussions around that, it seems you've got the ability to put out some nicely produced videos and it would be great if people could suggest what the next one was related to.  Once you have more input coming in, hopefully it has a positive affect on new users not only having their issues solved, but staying to engage in chat that can help them creatively.

Once you have that two-way feedback things can go further than that, if you have relevant sections for different DAW's, Logic, ableton etc. open for discussion on the art of creating music, you would also get an idea of where your demographic/end users are - Tie that in with the videos being produced and hopefully you can pull viewers in from social media platforms (youtube/facebook/twitter etc.) back in to the forum who would like to discuss techniques in more detail.

Maybe at the end of that you could have some kind of competition based on using the technique being taught and you give away a £10/$15 voucher with any partnerships you may have? (loopmasters?!) - Everyone will think you're wonderful then! ;)

Transparency on issues would be nice too, if you set a tolerance level internally, and once that threshold has been broken (i.e. x number of reports of bad feedback for a particular issue) place a sticky topic in the relevant section explaining that you are looking in to the possibility of there being an issue, define some clear self-check steps that you can perform if you have the issue (beta.novation page, bypass usb hubs etc.), and then have very clear contact/help instructions at the bottom.

There's nothing worse than having a forum, and people reading the same problems but no clear acceptance that the issue is being looked at.  I say nothing worse, running out of chocolate or crisps is potentially life threatening... but you know what i mean! ;)

As a potential buyer i think that goes a long way in providing future assurance.

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Can we get a dedicated forum for the CIRCUIT?  It deserves one.  What an awesome instrument!


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^ +1

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Yes please, would love to see a dedicated forum for Circuit.

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circuit forum please! :>)