Help with using the Circuit and a sampler

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Help with using the Circuit and a sampler

Hello, I am a DJ and hobbyist producer, finally catching up with some newer and cooler tech. Coming from an MPC and my records I don't have much experience with Ableton or MIDI so I am posting here in the hope that someone can assist me with the following matter. I want to hook up the circuit I bought a couple of weeks ago (and am really enjoying) to a sampler, either my mpc 5000 or an mpx8 I bought a while ago for portability. Could anyone explain how I can sequence samples through the circuit - is it possible standalone or do I need my laptop - or at least link me to somewhere that has stuff for me to read up on and figure this out? I am assuming this is possible, but this might be a really dumb question I'm not sure haha.

Last seen: 2 years 8 months ago
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You will need to hookup midi out from the circuit into your sampler and refer to the midi spec chart to see if you want to trigger samples on an external sampler.

You cant sequence them through the circuit - its a standalone groovebox - but you can send midi out from it and get it to do other things at the same time as triggering the onboard sounds etc. Grab the manual and have a look through but also get the midi chart . Links below