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Drum Pads notes switching in Live

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Drum Pads notes switching in Live


I'm using ableton live 9 suite and looking for a Novation Impulse, but I've heard it's 8 drum pads can't be swithed between 1-8, 9-16 notes. Is there ANY way of swithcing them in ableton live (Not changing notes for each pad manually). It's very important for me! 


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Hi Vinleha,

I asked Novation exactly the same question as you are and received this reply:

If you want to change the notes assigned to your drum pads, press the Controls button on the Impulse, then tap a drum pad. You'll now see what message is assigned to the pad, in this case, it's a note. If you now press +, you'll be able to edit which button is assigned to the pad.

So I don't think there is any way for the drum pads to be reassigned 'en masse.' I would love to see this addressed in a future update (as I would the inability to record arm tracks in Ableton from the keyboard itself). Sorry I can't be more help.

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open your drum rack in ableton.

press Alt + up arrow (on computer keyboard).

Enjoy.  :)