Impulse 61 - broken after only 24 months! Not recommended

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Impulse 61 - broken after only 24 months! Not recommended


I bought an Impulse 61 two years ago. I installed it in my room and the keyboard has never moved from there during these 2 years. I've played an average of 1-2 days a week during that period and it's already broken. All the buttons are working except the main part, the keys. There's no midi signal at all from the keys.  The distributor in Canada wants to charge me $215 including taxes to repair it. The problem is the main ... assembly board. For the price (near $500), I'm not satisfied at all of the short life of this controller so I don't recommend it.  It was the first and last time that I was buying a Novation product!


From an unsatisfied customer.

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I have an Impulse 61 myself.   I may be able to fix yours.  I am in Victoria, BC... You?

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Geeze, been reading these "issues" on this particular model and wondering if its worth chancing....


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Hi guys,

We are sorry to hear about the issues occuring with the Impulse, as it is not typical for this behavior to occur. If issues are occuring with the Impulse, we recommend doing a reset and manual firmware update on the device to potentially resolve the issue. Here are links with instrucitons on doing this:

It is also worth testing all available USB ports on the computer along with another USB cable. If issues are still occuring, please feel free to contact us through the following link:

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support