Impulse Sends Randomly Chaotic CC Messages. Unplayable. Help?!?!

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Impulse Sends Randomly Chaotic CC Messages. Unplayable. Help?!?!


I just bought an Impulse 49, running on Windows 7 x64 with Ableton Live.  From the start, it has been sending random chaotic CC messages.  If I click on any parameter in a plug in, said parameter begins some weird continuous scrolling thing.  Say, if I click on a filter cutoff, its value will continue dropping, then I reset it and the same thing happens over and over.  I uninstalled automap, not sure what else to do.  Any suggestions?



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Try using a powered USB hub.

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Hi IsaacFox,

Sorry to hear about the issues occuring while using the Impulse, but more than happy to help. If the Impulse is sending random MIDI messages, then that is definitely something we would like to address.

Just to clarify, do the parameters randomly change in Ableton when you modify a parameter from the Impulse or when you manually click and edit a parameter?

Also has the Impulse been tested with another USB cable on all available USB ports?

It would be worth testing to see if the computer detects multiple incoming messages from the Impulse. You can test this through a MIDI monitoring software such as MIDI-OX. Here is a link to download the software. When it is open, you will want the Impulse connected and be looking at the "Monitor Input" window. The Impulse will also need to be selected by going to Options > MIDI Devices.

If a midi monitoring shows multiple messages being received or if there are issues are still occuring, please contact us through the following link so we may look further into the cause.

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support