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MIDI In/Thru

My board: Impulse 61.

Successfull connections: Impulse acts as a good MIDI interface for AKAI EWI 4000s (MIDI In/Out connected to Impulse MIDI Out/In) and an editor/librarian for the EWI runs on the Mac and reads/writes as expected. Successful MIDI Out: Impulse controls Roland XV-2020 and the aftertouch function is satisfactory.

Unsuccessful MIDI In: Yamaha WX-5 wind controller MIDI Out to Impulse MIDI In is expected to produce messages thru the Impulse and sound be produced by the XV-2020 (still connected to the Impulse MIDI Out). But the Impulse and XV do not respond to the WX-5 MIDI Out messages.

I had assumed the Impulse can act as a stand-alone MIDI device (powered by USB). But does the MIDI In need to be connected to the MIDI Out ONLY THROUGH SOFTWARE?

I'll check other connection-type solutions (try another MIDI cable, etc) and get back to you on this.

Oh yeah, the Impulse Setup says "DIN from Loc" and the Current patch says Keyboard: MIDIPort: ALL".

Why do I need to use both the Impulse and WX-5 as MIDI Controllers for the XV-2020? Because I have specially-designed patchers in the User bank that respond to Breath pressure and the aftertouch.

Is there some way to copy the MIDI In to the MIDI Out?


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I know this post is old, but I need this functionality also, but a little different... I need midi data from an external sequencer to pass thru the impulse midi in to the PC via USB


is this possible?

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hello there, is it possible that i can use live my impulse 49 as stand alone thru midi in at focusrite.

i have tried diferent midi cable but it dont make any sound on speakers!