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saving volume setting on rotary control

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saving volume setting on rotary control

I'm not sure if this can be done, but here goes:

I'm using a Novation Impulse 61 along with Cantabile 3 VST host. Cantabile allows me to create a preset consisting of various VST settings for each song. It will also save the setting on a song. If I associate CC25 on the Impulsewith the volume of a plugin and save the preset in Cantabile, it will remember that volume setting the next time I open that song setup. This is fine but what would be even better would be if the digital read-out on the Impulse matched the volume number which I saved in the song set up. But it doesn't "update" that reading. To clarify, if I set CC25 to "90", then move to a different song setup and change the value of CC25 to 127, then when I go back to the previous song, the value remains as 127 rather than changing to 90, even though the actual output value is indeed saved.


Does this make sense, and is what I'm trying to achieve possible?