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blank controller overlays

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blank controller overlays



just wondering if anyone is aware of anywhere you can buy blank overlays for any of the launch control products?  i have launch control xl and it would be really handy to have overlays i could write onto, recoriding all the parameters on each user template.  At the moment i'm having to make do with brown bits of tape taped onto the device, which isn;t ideal and only works if you stick to the one user template.  If nothing exists i'm really tempted just to laser cut a batch of them and make them available for whoever wants them.  



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Hi ya, still early days I guess.  You can use mine which I made in Visio.

I measured it best possible and it does the job.  Just print it in  a4 landscape and you can use a pound coin to cut the circles out or buy a circle cutter for a fiver. 


Launch Control XL Overlay v1