A dedicated sequencer VST for Launch Control XL?

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A dedicated sequencer VST for Launch Control XL?

Would Novation consider making one?


It seems to me the XL has all the ingredients for a brilliant USB step sequencer in the same vein as Arturia's Beatstep but with much more control available.


The three rows of encoders plus the faders could handle pitch, CC modulation, volume or whatever the user wants. The bottom 16 buttons can be used to shape the steps used in the sequence.


I know there are third party scripts available that do something similar but they require Max for Live and whatnot.


How about Novation releasing a dedicated VST to do this? It doesn't have to be terribly sophisticated but it would expand the utility of the Launch Control hugely.

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Absolutely! I've had a look for something like you mention but can't find anything. What scripts etc were you referring to?

I used to have a Beatstep and loved sequencing that way but the knobs on that thing are so bad and don't move properly I sold it.

nick robinson
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sounds like a great idea!