on launch control, live 9.5 andd osx 10.8

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on launch control, live 9.5 andd osx 10.8

Hello all,


yesterday i got a launch control, and i have some question/issues:

1) launch control firmware updater didn't' work on mac, connected to a pc it updated the launch control to firmare 142 (if i remember well...)

2) launch control is not shown as launch control in the midi sync tab on ableton's preferences. control surface is shown as launch control, but input and output show generic usb midi device (launch control), wondering if this is an issue.

3) in preset mode 3 (plugin control) is there a way to assign a buttoon to fx bypassa? ex, if i press btn 1 or 2, it changes fx params, but i need an fx bypass, if i press ctr-m to assign midi ctrls in ableton, nothing is going out from the launchcontrol

that's it for now.


thanks for any answer.