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launch control xl programming

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launch control xl programming

hi, hope this forum is correct for the control xl..

my question: the midi map from live9 to the control xl works good of course, but what if i would create actions ON the control xl like those presents in factory1 template?

i make a few examples of what i'd need:

1.i have a drum rack in a track, and i want the 8 faders of xl start to control the volume of first 8 samples in the drum rack, than other 8 samples and so on

2. i have a track with 10 devices (synth, fx...) and i want to program that (in order) only device 2 and 6 are seen by the control xl, so when i press DEVICE > Track select and i move between the devices in the track, first device is the 2 and second is the 6


probably this is explained in the programmer's reference manual but i don't understand if all programming is done just with the editor or in other ways..(sysex, hex/dec version...sorry i don't understand this stuff!!)?