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Midi clock in would be great!

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Midi clock in would be great!

Hi, yep I said the same thing on the launchpad app section of the forum.  Part of the reason why I bought the launchkey keyboard was cause I liked the look of the possibilities of the launchpad and launchkey apps.  I feel so let down as they are toys to me until I can have midi clock control.  Pretty much all of the other apps I own have midi in and midi out for controls and clock.  This is essential to have the arps and delays to play in time with my other gadgets (I use a boss rc505 as a master tempo clock source)

i really like how you can access presets with the pads on the keyboard, this is something I have been looking for for a while but it appears you can't change these favourites? That seems crazy!  I don't want to be stuck with those 8 patches, I want to choose my own presets for the pads.  And It would be great if you could save the parameter settings on the presets.

theese 2 apps and the hardware could be the answer to what I have been looking for for a few years but nope, not yet.  Back to ableton live for me.

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Sorry to hear you feel that way. I will put in a feature request for you with R&D.