LaunchKey 25 half and half octave help please

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Good Morning Apollo
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LaunchKey 25 half and half octave help please

Hi all my name is paul.

Glad to be part of the forums.


I have a question if anyone knows.

I just bought a Launchkey 25. I'm using pro logic X

I want to set up so I can have 2 half octave ranges at the same time. So like 12 down low and 13 high notes.

Is this programmable? 

If so how do I achieve this?

just so I don't have to play a low part and then re record just a higher part.

most of what I record is simple but being able to do this would be incredable. 

Thank you all 


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Hi Paul!

Yes, you can achieve this in Logic simply enough.

A little depends on whether you want to control a different instrument as your top split or not.

Have a look through this page:-

Any questions, or how to adapt that to be used for the same instrument just ask.

But basically you can set the transpose for playback, and then the key-range for that transpose, by using seperate tracks.  If you want to use the same plugin you can either use the track stacks functionality in Logic, or create a new track using the same plugin.  Or you can merge them into a single track afterwards.

It's nice having to seperate instruments though as you can add delay, for example. to the upper octaves only.