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Mainstage Mapping

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Mainstage Mapping

Anyone suggestions or instructions how to map the new Novation Launchkey keyboard with Apple's Mainstage 2?

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Joined: 06/11/2013 - 13:46

Here's how I did it - I have a copy of Logic Express 8 on my MBP.  Remember that Mainstage began as a part of Logic, before it became the best deal in the App Store.  So, I opened Logic, and went through the video instructions to setup the Launchkey.  When I reopened Mainstage, it was good to go.  Is there a Logic Demo that you can download to set it up?  The controls do translate into Mainstage. 


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I'm looking to purchase a Launchkey 61 and had a similar question... I do have the latest versions of Logic Pro and Mainstage.

Q: Were you able to assign all the controls in Mainstage to the Launchkey hardware and did you have to have Logic open and active in Automap for this to work? 

I'm also considering the SL MKII which I know will work but I like the option of using the Launchkey to control the Novation apps on my iPad.