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modulation wheel problem

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modulation wheel problem



I think i have made a mistake ... for the last year (2014-2015) i had so many problem with the USB connection of my Launchkey 61, that i was desperate. So i have downloaded & installed the firmware from the MK2 version  (yes i know) .. i didn't know because it not mentionned that there was 4 color model in two category; The mine is orange !

It's why i write here, I just see & realized this !

Now because of this, my modulation wheel vacillates between 30-40 constantly ! (The wheel never returned to zero)

I can't force the wheel, but if i do this i can reach 0 modulation but the modulation returned to his place (30-40)

Everytime i play, the modulation sound is heard !  It's like that for 4-5 month

Because of this i just buy the Graphite 25 from Samson ... because i think that my novation is finished ! More than one year of hell !


What i can do because there is no firmware for the MK1 to pass over the bad one !

Is there a solution ?

Thank you

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Hi Segomil,

If issues have been occuring with the Launchkey 61 MkI for some time now, I suggest contacting us directly for more immediate support. Here is the link to reach our technical support:

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support