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Bug, still present in 1.3.1

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Roberto Amato
Last seen: 4 years 5 months ago
Joined: 01/21/2014 - 13:25
Bug, still present in 1.3.1

My systems is a iPad 3 with iOS 7.

I create a new session that contains only personal imported samples. The session opens, closes and in general works flawlessy. Then, in the same soundpack category named "Imported" (the only possible name, more on that later) I order differently the samples. No reassigning samples to pads, no edit whatsoever. From now on, the session does not open any more and gives instead this error:

"Restore your purchase, this session uses samples from a soundpack that is not currently installed on your device. To install the soundpack, open the store and press the restore button".

I tried, but (quite reasonably) it does not work, it gives another error instead: "Server problem, the installation temporarily failed, please restart the app to resume automatically, purchase the pack again. You won't be charged twice".

I bought some of your soundpacks but no sample were used in my personal session and the purchased ones keep all working ok, without any need to reinstall them. True, I did not try to order differently ANY other sample, aside my imported ones because THEY CAN'T BE REORDERED.

No use in restarting the app, the behaviour stays exactly the same. The ONLY way is to DELETE the session, and reassign pad to pad all samples and loop properties again... VERY annoying especially if you have more than one session that uses some of those same samples.

I defined the scope of this bug after having fighted with new sessions and imported samples half a day: at the end, the problem is confined to simply "ordering" the imported samples, no else.

Please, fix it very soon, it is a serious handicap.

I forgot to add that the "reordered" clip it is NO USABLE anymore in any other session: it simply can't be assigned to any pad any more, the pad stays blank, and the session itself falls into the mentioned error: "Restore your purchase... etc." The clip has to be DELETED and reloaded again from Dropbox to be usable again.

This brings me to two STRONGLY missing points in the Launchpad App:
1) SAVING your personal sessions somewhere! Dropbox is fine, or any other place would do, but sessions HAVE to be saved somwhere, they can be VERY time consuming to be created again or to be moved between machines. Especially sessions made ONLY with personal samples have to be freely saved and recalled at any time. Same with personal categories, they HAVE to be saved somewhere, and this brings to the next missing point:
2) Creating and naming (and renaming) new categories where to put personal samples. At present you have only the "Imported" category which is totally unpractical above a limited number of samples: I personally use Launchpad App for scientific research about sound, and I really need to order and to put samples under many categories names.

Udo Engeter
Last seen: 2 years 11 months ago
Joined: 10/31/2015 - 04:28

Renaming s Saisons woud be verry helpfull to. 

Nice app but please update bugs.

greats Udo