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New feature suggestion

Hi Launchpad Team&users


I was playing on my phone and i thought it would be great if we could "Lock" an effect.

We could play this feature easily, opening one of the four effect tabs, holding the wanted sound, then double tap the matching effect tab.

To unlock the effect, simply tap on it.

I like to sustain sounds in the echos but it's pretty boring (and laborious) to hold it while playing on other tabs...


Off topic: please, make it possible to download the old packs i didn't get the time to get like DubXL and olders ;)


Thanks for this amazing app anyway, i'm playing it everyday!


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Hi Romain.m,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the Launchpad application on the iPhone. We definitely apprecaite hearing the repsonses from our users as it helps shape future updates and products. I will make sure to forward this over to our development team.

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support