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Send Midi clock

Please make Lanchpad App send midi clock.

I understand the difficulties with making Launchpad sync to external midi clock because of the time stretching not being realtime.  I guess this to be the case because you set the tempo on a project before opening.

However would it not be fairly simple to make it send Midi Clock over COREMidi.

If it did this it would be far more useable as a live performance tool on Ipad allowing Launchpad to be master clock and allowing us to sync a sequencer to that clock. In my case I wish to have iElectribe and/or Lemur sync to Launchpad.

If the app had this feature I would 100% go buy Launchpad Mini to go with it :)  as I could have Lemur on screen for realtime midi tweaking and Launchpad Mini for Loop and sample triggering/Mashing,  meaning I wouldn't have to keep switching screens on the iPad, which currently makes live performance so much more difficult.

I am a purely iOS based musician, and no MAC/PC. Without the ability to sync one way or another,  the investment in the hardware doesn't seem worthwhile as i won't be getting the additional benefits the hardware gives on PC/mac platform.




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I think there's a lot of people patiently waiting for this, including myself. I really can't see it being that hard to add just a Midi Clock Send option. I'd happily use the Launchpad app with my Launchpad Mini as the centre piece of my live stuff if that was the case, as its really the only major thing missing. We've been waiting a long time for this now, so any word Novation?