Help Recording Live Launchpad Performance via Ableton 9

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Help Recording Live Launchpad Performance via Ableton 9

Let me start off by saying this is my first post on the forums, so I do appologized if this thread is misplaced!


So I've been trying to record my live launchpad project (more specifically: Nev's Louder) straight from Ableton 9 by clicking the circular button under a midi track (as shown in the screenshot attatched, the circular button under the "Main" bar). So here I am happily playing and recording, but when I go to listen to that recording after stopping it, I notice that the recording does not change pages with my launchpad. For example, Nev puts the song intro on page 1, then the buildup on page 4.. drop on page 2... etc etc.. But when I record it stays on the intro page the entire time. So the intro plays fine, but when I switch to page 4 and start playing, Ableton still records as though im pushing buttons on page 1. It's reaaally frustrating and I'd appreciate any help, if you need more info please let me know as I'll provide you with as much as possbile to get this fixed. Also I am playing in user 1 mode, and Nev uses a chain selector to change pages.. Dont know if that has anything to do with it. Thank you!!

Screenshot of Midi Track
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If you want to record the performance then you need to record into the arrangement view, not session (clips) (Clips only affect the channel they are linked to) - basically this allows you to take all the session ideas and put it as one arrangement.

But also bare in mind that you may need certain tracks to be record enabled if this project you are using plays devices/samples as your key presses.  It's very hard to know fully, but you need to understand what is happening when using the user modes and therfore what needs to be record enabled when recording the performance into arrangement view.

Maybe this video helps a little explains progressing from a session project into an arrangement?


If none of that helps then can you contact Nev himself?  Because it's very specific to how he has the project setup.