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Launchpad Pro remapping?

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Launchpad Pro remapping?

There isn't a forum for the Launchpad Pro yet so I am forced to post it here.

One of the biggest problems a lot of people have had and continue to have with the Launchpad series is that the layouts are hard-coded, and in many cases even the MIDI channel. I am very glad to see that the LP Pro at least allows users to set the MIDI channel.

Just to give you an example, none of the Launchpad Pro layouts works well with the NI Battery stock kits, because all Battery kits are 12 cells across and a variable number of cells down, whereas the Launchpad is 8x8, and 12 is not a multiple of 12. So how does this affect me as a user? Well, Battery arranges kit cells logically by sound, but the Launchpad effectively butchers that order by shuffling everything around because the layouts don't match.

Customisable layouts would remove this limitation, which is the only thing preventing me from getting a LP Pro. Is the API the only way to create custom layouts? If so, it would be useful if Novation could upload a step-by-step video walkthrough precisely showing how to set up the development environment, write a simple yet practical program (e.g. swapping two buttons), compile it and write it to the hardware. Thanks!

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Hi Scoox,

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having with mapping your NI plugins to your Launchpad Pro. Being that plugins and controllers often times are made by separate manufacturers, not all plugins will map perfectly to all controllers. Often times though you can find different ways to control these plugins both with your controller and with Ableton that will give you the desired affect.

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support