Launchpad S & Launchkey 25 at the same time?

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Launchpad S & Launchkey 25 at the same time?

I own both an Novation Launchpad S and a Launchkey 25.  I would like to use both devices at the same time but am having trouble.  I would ideally like to use they keys on the Launchkey for midi synth and knobs for adjusting devices as I go but found this to be a great stuggle.  Attached is a screenshot of my preferences.  As you can see both devices are listed but only one has control of the project.





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Hello csullivan1980,

I would advise you get in touch with our support team via for this one - otherwise, hopefully one of our community will be able to help you with this one! :)


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Hey man, do you fixed that problem ?? I got tha same at the moment :(


Thanks for an answer

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Same Problem here with LP mini an LK25 but with Propellerheads Reason. When i let Reason Autodetect my Controllers it says that some devices uses the Same Midi Channel... perhapts its the Same like in live but i couldnt fix it cause i dont know how to change the midi channel for each controller :(

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Has anyone tried plugging it it while holding in the top last 4 buttons to go into the bootloader and changing the device id of the launchpad to see if that works? I really want a launchkey mini for travel stuff but i want to be able to use Multiple at the same time

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Thr proper settings are listed in the ableton manual. I have launch pad and  launch key 49 and it works great with the settings shown in the ableton manual.