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Launchpad Sleep Mode

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Launchpad Sleep Mode

Is there a way to disable "sleep mode" on the Launchpad S or mini?

My Launchpad mini is connected to a powered hub, which in turn is connected through my display to my computer. When the computer goes to sleep, since the USB chain still gets power, the Launchpad goes into its "animated squares" sleep mode. Trouble is, the whole set up is in the same room as where I sleep! I don't want this animation running all night...

Is there anyway to disable it? Currently I have to unplug it - But it is annoying to plug/unplug it everytime I have a session with it.

If there isn't - feature request for next firmware, plz!

Last seen: 2 years 9 months ago
Joined: 03/20/2015 - 21:41

Hi mzero,

The Launchpad S will go into the "firework" display when the computer goes to sleep and no longer establishes a connection to the driver. There is not a feature within the Launchpad S to disable this display as it is intended to indicate the connection is not being made. If you are wishing to leave the Launchpad S connected but not wanting it to go into the "firework" display, you will need to allow the computer to still allow access to the driver. This may be resolved by the power setting options of the computer that allows the display to sleep but still allows communication through the USB ports.

Matthew Kurpakus // Novation Technical Support

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The product manager might have thought this was cute, but really it's just annoying and tacky to have these lights randomly going off in a stuido enviroment. This "feature" should be removed or at least allow us to disable it.

Your soution is to leave the computer running all the time? What a joke, sure, let me eat up electricity to get around your products unecessary and tacky demo mode display. I think instead I'll just sell my Launchpad.