LaunchLayers - the invisible keyboard layer for your Launchpad

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LaunchLayers - the invisible keyboard layer for your Launchpad

Do you have a Novation Launchpad?

I made a little program, called " LaunchLayers", that expands your Novation Launchpad with keyboard macro’s. These keyboard macro's operate in conjunction with your existing midi programs and assignments.

LaunchLayers operates as an invisible layer with keyboard macro’s. Every keyboard macro can hold multiple keystrokes and can be assigned at every pad/button of your Launchpad. Your Launchpad will operate as usual but now with the addition of the assigned keyboard macro’s.

More info : see :

 Everyone can download the free version directly from my website. 


Recording keyboard macro's
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Nice work!

This is very cool, thank you for your hard work. What inspired you to make it?

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please can you help me, i really want to know how to output midi data to my launchpad lights via c++ or python or something so i can make a program for it. Could you help by telling me what to do or send me the source code or something please? ive been at this for months

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Just discovered your program, love the idea! I'm not getting it to work on my Launchpad Pro. Do I need to be in my DAW to start the macro recording? Or be outside it? I use Ableton Live 9.xx. Do I need to be in User Mode? Thanks for any guidance, and happy to purchase if I can get it to work!