CLOSED-opinion on Nova II problems

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CLOSED-opinion on Nova II problems

UPDATE:  Upgrading to OS 2.0 fixed the problem.


Hi,  I just received a Nova II I bought on Ebay.  I think something is seriously wrong with it.  If anyone has a Nova II, can you verify a few things?

I have restored all of the factory defaults from ROM.  Many of the patches have note dropouts even with 3 notes.  I know the keyboard on this unit has some problems so I tried an external controller and I still get dropouts.  Is this synth really underpowered for the sounds it has in it from the factory? 

There are some sounds I play and some notes do not even trigger on specific keys.  Sometimes they trigger but have a different sonic tone, almost like the velocity is messed up.  I'm not getting the warm fuzzies about this unit.  I wouldn't care if it was just the keyboard but the sounds seem screwey.

IF anyone with a Nova II can confirm, do you ever have issues with sounds triggering at all???

I want to be able to return this quickly if there's an issue.

Thanks for your help!


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