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k-station needs some love

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k-station needs some love

i bought my first k station with some wedding money 10 years ago and use it almost daily. This synth has been compared and declared as one of the best in my opinion.  I was lucky enough to pick up a second one for my setup but it needs a few parts. 

Theres a crack in the screen cover - but I can love with that no problem

all the knobs are gone (the little black covers). I might be better off maing a mold because they seem expensive

Rotarty encoder is blown out and needs to be replaced. I am talking about the knob you can turn to change ALL MENU PERMS.  

And Lastly the linear resistors (ASDR faders) are broken off down to the base and need to get replaced and soldered in


Does anyone have part numbers to the rotarty encoder and the ASDR resistor values?  I really want to get soldering on this thing but need a few of these specs.



Thanks for any help anyone can give.