Novation Remote Zero Sl and Winsows 8 and Sonar3

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Novation Remote Zero Sl and Winsows 8 and Sonar3

I am sooo new at this business ....

I have a fast PC running Windows 8.1 64 bit with SonarX3 and an M-audio Oxygen 61 keyboard.  

I am frustrated by the lack of pot and sliders to control each VST I am using in Sonar.

So I am looking at an older Novation Remote Zero SL which I really like the layout and that I have an opportunity to buy.  I like the interface more than I like the MKII.

Question: Would this pad work with my current setup? Will novation offer support (forums or otherwise) when I encounter difficulties (is this a compoany that stands by its customers...)




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As far as i'm aware, Cubase is now fully supported - The only issue i would be concerned about is how long Automap will be supported, there's no sign of it being dropped that i can see - But as you have to wrap VST's with automap software to get the full benefits (I presume thats how it works with Windows/Cubase too) of the SL's it's a concern when you're 4-5 years down the road and you have projects reliant on automap being on the system to be opened.

In terms of support from Novation, 100% they will help if they can - and you can get help on here, i'm usually around if no-one else helps out, although i'm a mac user and not used Windows for music since XP.

Are you considering the SL range because of automap? Or was you thinking of using it as a general midi controller with fixed CC assignments?

Got to admit, i'm a Mk2 owner and wish it had the dual screens like the original SL's, i'm guessing that's what appeals to you?  I wouldn't personally swap to an Mk1 on that alone though, as the controls are much better quality on the Mk2 - much smoother than any image you've seen could display, and the backlight on the main row of encoder knobs really is great if you're using Automap/Automation - If you're using it for live use then they really are a great addition, especially if your faders are mainly used for the same tasks, then the second screen is less of a benefit.