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Twitch losing power

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Twitch losing power

So ive just purchased a brand new Twitch & love the performance.  Im using it for profesional gigs & took it for its first test drive.



2011 Macbook pro 13"



My problem:  I was up in front of my audience waiting to start & everytime i plugged the twitch in,  then started up itch,  by the time itch was loaded all the lights had turned off on the twitch unit.  I had to quit itch,  then try again,  this happened 4 times,  i tried rebooting the laptop, that didnt change anyting.  i then  had the idea to unplug the power cable from my macbook,   then twitch worked absolutley fine.   except i needed to DJ for 4 hours & only got 2 1/2 battery life from the laptop,  had to finish the gig with itunes.....eeeeew

i also noticed sometime the fx would leak from one channel to the next?


it may be worth noting,  there was a lighting setup,  minimal,  but a bunch of disco style lights running of the same power source as my PA system & DJ setup.

any help appreciated,   ive paid around $600 for this thinking it would be a reliable solution for my professional DJ job.  Im scared to use it now...reliable is key for me.


any help REALLY aprreciated,  as i cant afford to buy anouther dj controller currently & have more gigs up coming.