Can the Novation Zero SL Mkii receive MIDI?

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Can the Novation Zero SL Mkii receive MIDI?

Hi All,

I have recently got hold of the above midi controller and i have mapped the buttons, faders and sliders to variuos paramters in Ableton Live.

What im stuck with is getting the device to receive midi messages so that when changes are made in Live, such as an automated mute it reflects through to the button i have assinged it to on the Zeros SL Mkii.

I am not using auto map as it seems way to complicated for what im doing and i dont want to have additional software running so im doing it in a more manual fasion except I can't get changes made in Live to reflect back through to the buttons and encoders.

Can anybody shed light on this?



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Doing it the 'official' way is much better as you can scroll through channels and have instant control of your 8 macros and they feedback to the display - Best thing is that it doesn't use automap either, it purely detects ableton and loads up a standard midi template and Ableton loads up a script (i guess?) to match.

It's up to you if you want to wrap the plugins for automap, you can leave them still, but honestly, go the official route for controlling ableton as it's very good for the basics.

There may even be a way to do what automap does (i.e. load the ableton template/have ableton communicating for display changes etc.) manually, but i've never tried, maybe if you loaded up the ableton template it would give you an idea on how they got the lights/displays working?