How to set the MIDI channel for controlling a hardware synth?

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How to set the MIDI channel for controlling a hardware synth?

I have a classic ReMOTE Zero SL, and I'd like to use it with a Korg DW8000 as a programmer, and as a USB MIDI interface to my Mac so I can record through it to a sequencer and play back. Ideally, tweak the sounds 'live' as a sequence is playing (and maybe record the controller data to a new track,) etc. 

Trying it out with Live, I managed to get MIDI recording/playback working correctly, BUT I can't get the DW8000 ReMOTE template to talk to the synth.

I can't see where in the template that I'm supposed to set the MIDI channel to send the data. I tried setting it in Global but I think it wasn't the right place... The manual isn't very clear on how to set this up.

I have the ReMOTE connected directly to the DW8000 via MIDI in/out, and via USB to a powered hub connected to the Mac.

Do I need to set this up differently? I have an iConnect MIDI4+ interface, and in theory I could connect the DW8000 to it via MIDI, and the ReMOTE to its USB host port, intended for class-compliant MIDI controllers. Still likely need to set the correct channel though... It seems like the configuration I have ought to work and yet it doesn't.

I managed to get remote editing working with a Behringer BCR2000, but it can't work as a MIDI interface in standalone mode, so I'm hoping the ReMOTE can do the trick.