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Compatibility with Ableton and Editor

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Compatibility with Ableton and Editor



I am thinking of buying one of these but I am just curious as to how the hardware synth works within ableton over Midi/USB. 

If I connect it via MIDI does it just only act as a keyboard? e.g. I can only use it to play other plug in synths?

I am wondering if I open the mininova editor in, say 3, midi channels in Ableton, when I select each individual channel (say the patch is name Patch 1, 2 and 3), the LED display will update with the patch name on the MiniNova and I will then also be able to play the sounds through the midi channel? As well as this, am i able to change the patch/mininover editor sound from the Mininova Keyboard? e.g. i open the editor in ableton but use the keyboard to choose what patch will be selected in the midi plug in. 

As well as this, how well does the arpeggiator integrate with Ableton? Say I record a 4 bar loop with an arpegiated effect in Channel one which was trigged from the keyboard with the editor plug in and and then I select the next channel which has a different sound, will the effect in the first channel still be playing? 

I guess im also saying that id quite like the idea of being able to edit the midi patch in the editor from the keyboard on the fly/live and have that certain sound saved there if i switch to a different channel and to then have to patch name update on the keyboard so its a bit clearer what the sound is. 

I hope this makes sense...struggled a bit to try and make it clear!


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Hi There,

Firstly you have the option of midi local on/off on the mininova - if it's off then it will only play back it's internal sounds if you are routing through a track on Ableton which has minionva as it's source.  Then you can use it as a midi controller for all ableton devices, and itself.

The editor can only have one instance open, so unfortunately you can only have it loaded up on one track at once.  Most people record the audio take from the miniova into audio clips into ableton and use a single midi track to perfect a performance before doing so.

The miniova also has two options on the arpegiator, one mode will send the arpeggated notes via midi/usb output, i.e. you can use the mininova arp on an ableton plug-ing for example - the other mode will just send the keys that you hold.

You can also fire up an arp in ableton and use that to arpeggiate a patch on the mininova.

In terms of patch management, if i keep midi performances of the mininova in ableton clips i usually name them with the patch name i used and then make sure i use the miniova librarian to save the patch on to my computer into a folder which matches the project name for future reference.  But that's just one of many workflows.