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Fl Studio 11 & MiniNova Troubles

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Fl Studio 11 & MiniNova Troubles

I'm quite new to bringing the synthesizers to a DAW so I'm a bit confused on how i go about it.

I've currently got it plugged in using the USB cord. I've got the VST in FL and all. Now what I'm confused with is how to get my sounds that I'm using on my synth to go through the computer and play through FL Studio. I know it has something to do with OutPut but I'm quite new to that and can't really find a solid answer anywhere on how to do this. Do i need to get midi cords or anything extra in order to start playing my synth sounds in FL?


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Hi, Simply take 2 quarter inch cables from the left and right outputs of your MiniNova to the inputs of your interface, create a stereo audio track in FL,record enable the track and you should be set go.