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How can I make these sounds?

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How can I make these sounds?


I'm looking for quite some time to a sound that is agressive techno! Like this:

or the intro of this:

Can Anyone tell how to make that sound? or are there any soundpack's that includes this sound(s)?


Thank you very much !!



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Joined: 04/04/2013 - 17:10

The Mini Nova can definatley create those sounds, but here is 300 patches for the Mini Nova created by one of our many wonderful engineers, Matthew Hurtgen.


Ps If you have any you want to share feel free to reply with some.


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I have added to this Dropbox to make it the motherload for MiniNova users! It has all of the official Novation Soundpacks, the 381 factory patches for the Ultranova and 20 patches that I made myself. Enjoy!