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Mini Nova Vocoder patches Aaah 1 and 2

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Mini Nova Vocoder patches Aaah 1 and 2

I have had the Mini Nova for over a year now. And. I have RTM...

STILL I cannot figure out the reason for the 2 "Aaah " patches.

 Does anyone use them ? If so, how.

What is their purpose ?


Thanks for any help

Last seen: 2 years 10 months ago
Joined: 03/26/2013 - 13:22

It's all in the manual, on page 32:-

"If VocFreez is set to On, the current levels of the vocoder modulator analysis  lters will be frozen, and stored. (Imagine taking a single frame from a  lm as an analogy.) This can be used to ‘capture’ the mic signal. Factory Patches ‘Aaah1’ (B073) and ‘Aaah2’ (B074) use this freeze mode. Note that the frozen formant is stored as part of the Patch data."


So, basically, what they are is vocoder patches, but they don't make use of the microphone as the sound source, instead they have saved within the patch a frozen/fixed formant so you can play it almost as it's own oscillator waveform.  


Those patches basically show off how that can be achieved.