Mininova factory presets vs Morodernova presets

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Mininova factory presets vs Morodernova presets

I think if the Mininova had come with the Morodernova presets it would have sold 3 times as many as it has.
I think the presets for both the Mininova and the Ultranova were the worst case of factory presets sounding horrible and not showing what can be done with a synth ever.

Don't get me wrong I love the engine.  I own both.
I LOVE it.
But the only factory sound I've ever used in a recording is "Night Drive Pad" on the Ultranova.  I have deleted hundreds of factory patches to make room for my own.
I love Novation stuff but you guys have to be more discriminating about what patches you send it out the door with.
I don't know if the guys that came up with those patches are your friends, or if this reflects some tiny subgenre of electronic music or whatever but please don't repeat this mistake.
I sing the praises of this engine in social media almost every day but its a hard sell to people that have only heard the presets.

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I deleted most of the harsh presets . And kept most pads and electric pianos . I even deleted a few of the 51 moroder patches but I get what u mean mate but I think its more a matter of our tastes a lot of presets are geared towards harder music I think anyway and i like peacefull stuff . I bought a vangelis bank that I quite like aswell

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You've got to consider that when the Mininova came out, Dubstep was massive in the UK and i think they really went after that market, where let's be honest - being able to wobble bassby pressing a key and then moving the mod wheel up and down was a massive draw!!  However, The first thing i done in the shop when i got to play on one was to see if i could get some warm pads out of it - i was pleased when it managed this, and then i had a brief listen to the oscilators on their own - and i was a little undecided.   It was only when i put the arp on, latched it and started to play around with the controls that i was sold!  Walked out with one under my arm.  

However, what  i think the presets lacked when i got it home that night, was some real depth to them - when you consider the matrix options and performance optons (i.e. via the pads) these weren't really exploited to make a decent amount of patches that really make you think - they tended to have the same kinda structure, and the pads seemed to do the same thing over and over again.

Comparing to the microkorg, that shipped with some interesting patches which combined generated drum loops using white noise and envelopes, and some crazy effects-driven patches which reacted massively to mod wheel changes - i had great fun looking at how they had been constructed - i never really had that experience with the mininova, it's always been far more about evolving a sound, as opposed to thinking it through up front.

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I enjoyed some of the Ultranova presets! To quote myself from the old Ultranova forum:

Space Voyage is a very good preset, it was the first patch I heard after putting on the headphones in the music store and I think at that moment I knew I wanted this synth!

As for my factory-setting favourites, ThatChord PM is a good one to show people if you want to get their attention - reminds me of the huge sounds in some of Jean Michel Jarre's work. I like VektorMainiac PM, which is a truely luscious pad sound, Electric Fluid which is a very unique and "Ultranova-y" lead (can you think of another synth with a sound like that?) and Da eX Biter PM which demonstrates the FMy textures the synth can make without using FM.

From the soundbanks there are some great sounds too, many in the Daniel Fisher bank are phenomenal, these are some of my favourites from that bank: Chick fm EP DF is a really nice, and quite unique, Electric Piano sound, and "Groovy" Clav DF is a killer Clavinet preset and SilkyStrings DF is an impressive string sound. My only favourite from the other soundbanks is Bird&BeePuppets by Dino, a spooky patch with some interesting ModWheel effects.

That being said it would be nice to get ahold of those MoroderNova presets for the Ultranova, though they're exclusive to that device apparently (