“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” - Fantastic customer care and after sales

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Jude Praveen S
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“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” - Fantastic customer care and after sales

All Thank goes to Mr Eddie at Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited, who helped me throughout, resolving my problem with my Novation nocturn49 midi controller.


Had an issue with the 'Pitch bend' where it started to get pitch bend automatically whenever i played or was not touched but was on.


Not knowing what to do and got stuck with my production line up. Found the website and asked for help.

There was Eddie, Ready to help. Firstly he wanted to the issue and asked me to update and then sent a software version to check the midi settings, after ending him few screen shots it was fixed, Permanent i thought.



And again it occured, mailed and asked Eddie for help. Without any hesistation he got back, after few mails he asked me for my address (Sri Lanka)


and he sent me the part even though the warranty period was over!! :) Now i have it on my hand and waiting it to be replaced.


Eddie, Cuz of you I dont regret going for Novation gear and will continue to buy more gears from This brand for the known and awsome aftersale


and service provided.






Jude Praveen S



Mail at : jpraveen38@gmail.com